You are safe with WAGO XTR I/O System with M12 Connector for Railway Applications

Railway automation applications under harsh conditions such as temperature fluctuations, shocks and vibrations should be reliable and stable. WAGO; Ready to guide your rail automation applications with 750 series XTR-RTU controllers that have proven their worth in the industry!

You are safe with WAGO XTR I / O System with M12 Connector for Railway Applications

Receiving hardware update; PFC200 XTR controllers (second generation) and Modbus TCP / XTR / Ethernet / IP Fieldbus couplers
(fourth generation) are now much more powerful. Standard RJ-45 connections on both devices have been converted to M12 connectors that are more durable and suitable for harsh conditions.

This connection system; It is very convenient, especially given the requirements of the train industry. In addition to having a high level of mechanical strength, M12 connectors are resistant to dirt, moisture and wetness. They also reliably perform lossless data transmission. Unlike RJ-45 plugs, it is screwed into the socket, not only plugged in, but also resistant to vibration. Instead of heavy and hard ETHERNET cables used in railway applications, they are more reliable connection type M12 connectors.

WAGO 750 XTR series I/O system; In addition to the railway, maritime and petrochemical industries, it has proven itself in many demanding outdoor applications such as water and wastewater treatment systems. Certifications for a wide range of applications and markets, high-performance hardware, small footprint and a wide range of products, I/O modules, maximum flexibility in the toughest conditions, are the main advantages of the WAGO XTR series.

The product you are looking for in harsh conditions: WAGO XTR Series! Now it is at your service with M12 connector hardware!


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