World’s First High Current Spring Clamp Terminal Block

WAGO POWER CAGE CLAMP is expanding its screwless high current product program for conductors up to 185 mm² cross section.

Time-saving Maintenance-Free Vibration Resistant

Now conductors with a cross section of 50 mm² to 185 mm² can be combined with a high-current spring clamp terminal block
(285-1185) without any screws. The new 285 series POWER CAGE CLAMP is designed for the rated current of 353 A and the rated voltage of 1000 V AC/DC, 1500 V DC, making it ideal for mechanical and systems engineering or particularly high current applications such as the energy industry.

Easy to Use, Maximum Reliability

The lateral conductor inputs of the 285 Series enable easy pushing and connection of conductors that are difficult to bend. The connection point is opened with a hand tool and locked by pressing the orange locking element. There is no need to prepare the cable using a ferrule or cable lug. Spring clamping technology provides the most appropriate contact force in any cross-section, whether necessary care is taken or neglected by the installer. This high current spring – clamp terminal block meets the most demanding requirements, including the rail transport and shipbuilding industries, and is resistant to vibration, heat and cold, even under the heaviest loads.

World's First High Current Spring Clamp Terminal Block

Bridging and Labeling

With the bridge slot on both sides of the terminal block, both potential duplication and potential distribution can be implemented. In this way, the supply voltage can be received for lighting and service sockets without the need for any additional terminals. The new 285 Series products are compatible with both WMB label cards and label strips to achieve an enhanced view of the project on control panels.


High Current Rail Terminals 35, 50, 95 and 185 mm²

With the introduction of this new high current spring-clamp terminal block, WAGO maintains its stance as a rail-mounted terminal block manufacturer with the widest range of connection possibilities for screwless electrical connection technology. The POWER CAGE CLAMP high-current program includes rail-mounted terminal blocks for conductor cross sections up to 35, 50, 95 and 185 mm². An ideal complement to high current terminal blocks is the new 66.5 x 14 mm screwless stop (249-197). This component holds the wide terminal blocks together even if they are mounted under heavy vibration or on vertical rails.

WAGO has set new technology standards with its first high current spring clamp terminal for conductor cross sections up to 185 mm². It was quite difficult to achieve this result. These large cross sections required the terminal to be adapted to extremely high spring forces of up to 1000 N, and this was only possible by redesigning the spring clamping unit. An additional task was to overcome high short currents up to 353 A, as well as potential short-circuit currents reaching 22200 A.

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