What is DALI? How to Perform Lighting Automation with DALI?

What is DALI? How to Perform Lighting Automation with DALI?

One of the most important ways for businesses to increase profitability under increasingly competitive conditions is to reduce energy costs, which is an important part of expenses. Lighting Automation ensures the reduction of energy consumed for lighting, while providing maximum comfort and convenience. It is estimated that 20% of the electrical energy spent in our country is used for lighting today.

Lighting automation is widely applied in the following businesses:

  • Production and storage solutions
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls and fairgrounds
  • Stations
  • hospitals
  • Airports

Lighting Automation with DALI

DALI “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface”  The digital addressable Lighting Interface is defined under the IEC 62386 standard. The old control structure has replaced and continues to receive analog 1… 10 V control. DALI provides control of the devices used in lighting automation. These devices include ballasts, sensors and special modules for different lamps. A DALI master module can control 64 ballast variables and 64 sensor variables. The control of these 64 + 64 variables is the most important advantage of the system. With less cables, many more luminaires can be flexibly and clearly controlled for any future demand.

”With DALI, individual lamps or group lamps are controlled under different scenarios”

Parallel connection of control groups is not required. Upon request, open offices can be divided into different working environments and controlled from different locations. This requires no rewiring or additional work in the cabinet. Everything can be resolved within minutes via the software. DALI multi-master module can work in Bacnet, KNX, Ethernet controller in WAGO and 8 DALI modules can function under a single controller.

What is DALI? How to Perform Lighting Automation with DALI?

While the 1-10 V control system provides only one-way control, it is the DALI communication protocol and forms a complete automation and feedback system in lighting systems.


With WAGO DALI sensors integrated in the DALI line, it is possible to supply and control the sensors over DALI without additional wiring. These sensors can also be used to prevent unnecessary operation of the HVAC system in case of integration with BACnet, and gain an active component value for lighting as well as HVAC.

What is DALI? How to Perform Lighting Automation with DALI?

You can control 64 ballasts with a single DALI module.


With the WAGO DALI configurator, the DALI components in this network are configured and commissioned. Although the configurator is extremely easy to use, it provides highly functional operation and allows simple implementation of all kinds of scenes and groupings.

Room Automation and Lighting
The planning, implementation and subsequent operation of the building should be open to development according to the maximum economy and future needs. Therefore, an automation system that can meet individual and group needs on a modular structure as much as possible and can be adapted to subsequent needs is extremely important. WAGO plays an important role in modern room automation needs. Many applications such as optimal room temperature and ventilation control, automatic control of the blinds, energy saving applications, lighting control, optimization of the ventilation system according to the information from the lighting sensors are integrated in WAGO solutions.

What is DALI? How to Perform Lighting Automation with DALI?

WAGO offers integrated solutions not only for lighting automation, but also for energy and building automation.

WAGO provides solutions with an extremely wide product range. Solutions with DALI, SMI, Enocean, M-BUS and DMX systems and WAGO brand lighting / asset sensors that can be used under these systems, brand independent HVAC field devices, analyzer for energy management, current transformer, meter monitoring etc. The products and the entire building automation system are solved without a single roof and integration problem.

Ready Libraries for Lighting Automation
WAGO offers ready-made libraries for easy programming. Lighting, dimmer control, blinds control and HVAC module and system macros can be counted from a simple room application. Links to more complex structures include LON, DALI and EnOcean. You can find special applications such as wireless technologies, MP-Bus, SMS and e-mail display here. Libraries have been developed to add value to direct customer applications.

The current application areas are as follows:

  • Single room control
  • Lighting
  • Dimmer
  • Lighting scenes
  • Constant light control
  • Sun curtains

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