What is CodeSys?

What is CodeSys?

In order to respond to the demands of rapidly developing and changing industrial applications, it is necessary to work with different PLC structures and to manage them completely. However, the most common problem encountered today is that software programs in different structures leave users in a difficult situation.

CodeSys eliminates this situation and offers a hardware-independent software structure.

What is CodeSys?

Codesys was developed in 1994 in Germany.

CoDeSys stands for “Controller Development System”. Complies with IEC 61131-3 industry standard. CodeSys is an open source code solution and its software is free. CoDeSys offers the user flexibility and mutual operating possibilities. In addition, it allows automation engineers to program that suits their application needs. With CodeSys, it is possible to adapt the program you wrote for one brand PLC to another brand PLC with very minor hardware changes. Today, dozens of powerful companies offer the CoDeSys programming interface to the automation market. All of the five application programming defined in IEC 61131-3 can be programmed in the CoDeSys development environment.

  • Ladder diagram (LD)
  • Sequential Function Charts (SFC)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Instruction List (IL)

Optimum performance and availability: Thanks to their ultra-high performance, low power consumption, numerous interfaces, space-saving design and high reliability, WAGO’s user-friendly controllers (PLCs) are cost-effective automation solutions. Programmable with e!COCKPIT (CODESYS 3) and CODESYS 2!


What is CodeSys?

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