What is Building Automation? What are the Benefits?

What is Building Automation? What are the Benefits?

Building Automation HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning), lighting, elevator, fire, alarm, security etc. It is the realization of monitoring-control and control of the systems in a system. Building automation systems work together with different disciplines.

Building automation has become widespread and a necessity with the gathering of devices and systems of different manufacturers into a single roof, developments in electronic technology and the spread of the Internet.

What is Building Automation? What are the Benefits?


What is BACnet?

With building automation becoming increasingly widespread, manufacturing companies needed a common language. In 1987, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) developed this protocol to solve the integration problem and provide flexibility in building automation systems. Since 1995, BACnet has been used as a standard.

What is Building Automation? What are the Benefits?

Why BACnet?

  • BACnet is specially designed for building automation and control network.
  • BACnet can be used in a wide range of applications, from a single building application to special applications using thousands of devices.
  • BACnet users can securely expand and add without affecting the interoperability principle.
  • It has been shown that BACnet can be safely integrated into the most reliable fire protection systems in both Europe and America.
  • BACnet is supported by many chiller manufacturers.
  • BACnet has been preferred in building automation applications in almost every region of the world from Antarctica to Germany.
  • BACnet is a completely open system and is constantly supported by the industry.
What is Building Automation? What are the Benefits?

WAGO 750-831 BACnet controller facilitates integration for building automation systems with LON, KNX, DALI, Modbus, CAN and M-Bus compatibility. Thus, maintenance and installation costs are reduced and the complexity of automation systems is eliminated.

What are the Benefits of Building Automation Systems?

  • All installations can be monitored and controlled from a single center.
  • Energy and lighting efficiency is provided.
  • Personnel-related errors are minimized.
  • Operating costs are reduced.
  • Maximum savings.
  • Adaptation to changing conditions is ensured as soon as possible.
  • Manpower savings are provided. Labor cost decreases.
  • Preventive maintenance activities take place. Oil, filter change etc. Since periodic maintenance activities will be easily planned and implemented, the life of the devices and the system is extended.
  • Considering the working hours of the main devices with the backup devices, it can be provided to change at any time.
  • If electricity is cut off and returned, the devices that draw high current are reactivated gradually. Thus, overloading is prevented.


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