WAGO Remote I/O Solutions for Robot Applications

Thanks to the WAGO I/O SYSTEM, you can easily carry digital and analog signals in the field to the fieldbus system supported by your robot controller.

In addition to its innovative and reliable identity in the automation industry, WAGO offers the most ideal solutions with its wide product range.

For example, with the WAGO I/O SYSTEM product group, you can reach the most effective solution you need in your system, especially your digital and analog input / output signals.

Thanks to WAGO I/O SYSTEM, which has an independent structure with the support of many FieldBus systems, you can minimize your future investment costs while engineering and planning.

Thanks to the WAGO I/O SYSTEM that you can use especially in your Robot projects, the fieldbus (DeviceNet, Profinet, Ethercat etc.) system supported by your Robot controller, adapting the WAGO I/O SYSTEM to the digital and analog signals on the field can be easily transported.

WAGO Remote I/O Solutions for Robot Applications

You have the opportunity to design your system flexibly thanks to its modular structure with slim body and special function modules for application variety. For example, there are modules for Digital Inputs and Outputs in various channel numbers (2/4/8/16) and supply range (24V / 48V / 120V / 220V AC / DC etc.).

WAGO Remote I/O Solutions for Robot Applications

WAGO I/O SYSTEM special functions and communication modules (IO-link, HART, Rs-232/485 etc.) make it possible to exchange information with your complex sensors in the field. In this way, you can design your applications within the framework of industry 4.0 and benefit from your smart sensors in the field in maximum efficiency.

You can use the yellow WAGO I/O SYSTEM Safety modules for your products such as safety barrier, door switch, emergency stop that you need in your application. You can also use the blue Ex modules for your sensors and actuators in explosive atmospheres in Zone 0 and Zone 1.

With its patented mechanical design and spring-cage technology, WAGO I/O SYSTEM provides you with reliability and direct connection to environmental factors such as vibration and temperature changes. WAGO I/O SYSTEM embodies various international standards and approvals.

WAGO Remote I/O Solutions for Robot Applications


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