WAGO Modular Remote I/O System

With the onset of industrial Fieldbus systems, traditional automation systems have been replaced by central, modern, distributed I/O system architecture. This central control and distributed I/O system architecture maximizes the design and implementation of more complex systems in engineering.

WAGO I/O SYSTEM 750/753  series has a universal and comprehensive product portfolio in terms of application areas.

With more than 500 different, versatile and flexible module structures, it can meet all kinds of automation system and industry needs.

WAGO Modular Remote I/O System

We can list the main features of the WAGO I/O SYSTEM 750/753 series as follows:

  • WAGO Couplers and Controllers FieldBus is standalone and supports many popular FieldBus and Ethernet Standards. In this way, it can be easily integrated into existing and designed system architectures. Its open architecture allows you to optimize your future investments. (Profinet, Profibus, EtherCat, DeviceNet, ModBusTCP, CanOpen etc.)
  • It has a space-saving slim body. (16 channel DI module is 12mm wide.)
  • Thanks to the spring connection technology, it can work safely in extreme environments. It is not affected by thermal changes and vibrations.
  • Modular DIN-rail mounting design allows for easy installation and system expansion. Thanks to its practical mechanical structure, you can easily remove and install the desired module from the existing structure without the help of any tools.
  • Power jumper contacts automatically provide both internal data transfer and electronic power requirement.
  • It is possible to obtain mixed design in digital, analog and special modules system architecture. It is also possible to work on various voltage signals thanks to different supply modules. (Digital, Analog, 24V, 110V, 220V etc.)
  • Module functionality is defined through integrated and pluggable marker labels. In addition, the technical data of the module is located on the side of the I/O system module.
  • All components have the highest standards against environmental factors and provide many international quality and standards. For example, vibrations, electrical shocks, extreme temperatures, continuous and severe humidity attacks are common conditions in a ship’s engine room.

However, the WAGO I/O SYSTEM works reliably against these harsh conditions for long periods of time.

With the help of WAGO I/O System Check software, each channel of  I/O system modules can be tested and configured online by connecting via the existing serial communication port.


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