WAGO Control Technology in PV Plants

WAGO Control Technology and Industrial PCs were used in the largest solar power plant in South Africa (Kalkbut Solar Park). The plant, which has the size of 140 football fields, has an installed capacity of 75 MWp. The power plant, which is expected to produce 135 million kilowatts / hour annually, is estimated to provide the energy of 35000 houses. Thus, 115000 tons of CO2 will not be released to the nature annually.

WAGO Control Technology in PV Plants

WAGO IPC technology was used to connect this huge power plant to the network and to monitor it remotely. Thanks to the WAGO 758 series IPC and IO with 1 GHz Celeron processor, remote monitoring and maintenance operations have been harmonized with the
IEC 60870-5-101 / -104 standards as well as the IEC 61850 standard developed for substations. In addition, thanks to Codesys offered by WAGO for both protocols and interfaces, a completely object oriented structure has been created.


Easy System Update

As it was a very long project, it was very important to make system updates easily. Thanks to the flexibility in WAGO Telecontrol technology, the project is constantly updated. A mistake to be made in a 75 MW power plant could cause serious waste of money and time.

WAGO Control Technology in PV Plants

For this reason, PV switchboard managers who wanted to choose a reliable system preferred WAGO telecontrol technology, which can be backed up and parallelized. WAGO controllers met both the speed and demand of the system and the conditions required by the seasons. (-10…. + 50) WAGO controllers data flow from the switchboard While Modbus TCP was provided, the math modeling behind the system was carried out by PV switchboard engineers. With this smart modeling, the energy from 8 medium voltage lines was supplied to the 135 kV city grid without causing overload. Thanks to this smart modeling, phase shifting is not allowed, while frequency and voltage are kept at the desired values in a stable manner.

Advantages of WAGO

  • Thanks to the flexible WAGO IO automation system, the desired changes were easily made in the ongoing project.
  • Both IEC 61850 and IEC 60870 compatible interfaces thanks to Codesys compatible WAGO infrastructure
  • WAGO IO / IPC with powerful processor structure


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