WAGO 221 Series Multi-Purpose Terminal Block

WAGO 221 Series Multi-Purpose Terminal

WAGO 221 Series Multi-Purpose Terminal


WAGO 221 Terminal Blocks allow easy connection of all cables (single core, multi-stranded, multi-stranded) without the need for any tools to try to attach thin wires to the terminal block at the top of the stairs and not to struggle with screwing.


WAGO 221 Series Multi-Purpose Terminal

The WAGO 221 terminal block is 40% smaller, saving 40% in the wiring space. Thanks to its completely transparent body, it ensures that the cable is properly placed and peeled to an appropriate length.


The WAGO 221 Series is new and versatile in electrical interconnection. The ability to connect all cables of AWG 24-12 size (single core, multi-strand, multi-strand) provides universally flexible applicability. The 221 Series can be easily used in a compact space where different types of wires need to be connected. Therefore, there are many different application areas for the 221 series.


  • It provides fast, easy and safe installation of cables, even in the smallest space.
  • Thanks to its transparent body, it helps the cables to be mounted correctly and to peel at the appropriate length.
  • The 221 series junction box terminal block has two test slots to contribute to its easy testing.
  • With its small and ergonomic design, it can be carried easily and minimizes arm force during application.

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