Using Rogowski Bobbin in Energy Automation

Reducing energy costs in operation and production will reduce costs, which will increase the chances of competition for businesses. Feeling less of the effects of increasing energy costs goes through the healthiest use of available energy. Energy efficiency and efficiency standards and regulations are of great importance in energy efficiency studies.

ISO 50001 and EN 16001

When the energy management structures established during the framework of ISO 50001 and EN 16001 standards and the method applied while maintaining are examined, it will be seen that measurement, monitoring and preventive activities are very important elements of energy survey and total energy management studies. The solution produced by today’s technology for monitoring, recording, reporting and analyzing the measured energy data is energy automation systems.

The ISO 50001 energy management standard draws a framework for energy studies, which enables determining where, how much and how energy is used and the potential for energy saving. To achieve this, there is a need for continuous information on energy use. In order to transfer the electrical and physical measurement values ​​to be collected from the field to the automation system without any problems, it is necessary to select the appropriate PLC configuration and apply it to the system.

Rogowski Bobbin and Usage

Especially in industrial facilities that are still operating and operated, the facility must be stopped for a while to measure electrical panels and transfer electrical parameters to PLC systems. This requirement causes energy cuts and production losses.

It is a new technological solution, which is still in operation and is being revised within the electrical distribution boards, and it is not possible to install current transformers, and to measure and transfer it to the PLC system with Rogowski Coils.

Rogowski Bobbin offered by WAGO with 2000 A and 500 A options are used as a saving tool in energy monitoring system investments by reducing both downtime and revision costs. These coils are also used with signal converters developed by WAGO.

Rogowski Bobbin application used to measure the current of a 3 phase system

The 3 Rogowski Bobbin are wound around three live cables (L1, L2, L3). Thus, there is no need to disassemble the cables or busbars, easy and fast assembly is provided without stopping the system. The operation is performed in a very narrow area without having to make room for current transformers such as 500 A or 1000 A in the panel. In Rogowski Bobbin, a voltage proportional to the current intensity measured in the conductor is induced.

The Rogowski Bobbin can easily measure current, especially where there is no chance of revision.

The Signal Converter converts voltage signals to amplified AC signals. Another important point here is the development of 3-phase power analyzers that can now be added just behind the PLC nodes. In this application, an analyzer of this type has been used and a structure has been created in which electrical parameters can be imported into PLC and processed with ready-made PLC libraries without the need for a communication line. Using the PLC system, operators can detect load status (unbalanced load, capacitive components) and optimize consumption.

Rogowski Application

WAGO’s Signal Converter Module for Rogowski Coils with product code 789-652 processes the signal from 3 Rogowski Bobbin up to 500 A. Signal processing is the plus minus 100 mA current signal per phase. If 750-493 or 750-494 power measurement modules are used with this product, an entire energy infrastructure is resolved with WAGO.

In another Rogowski Coil application, using WAGO Transducer, which can also be configured via Bluetooth, current measurements can be converted into standard analog signals and applied directly to analog input modules of PLCs, so that the coils can be used as current sensors.

Using Transducer with Rogowski Coils

  • The Rogowski Bobbin is wrapped around the live cable.
  • The magnetic field created by the AC current flowing through the conductor induces an output voltage in the coil.
  • The Rogowski transducer records the alternating current RMS values via the Rogowski Bobbin and converts the input signal to standard analog signal at the output ends. (0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, etc.)
  • The PLC Unit processes the standard signal.
  • The measured current is monitored by a SCADA software or, optionally, by an operator panel.

Significant measurements are obtained by using Transducer with Rogowski Bobbin


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  1. July 1, 2020

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