Use of Controllers in Building Automation

As in the whole world, different building automation systems are designed with different brands in our country. The main purpose in building automation applications is to maximize the economic benefit with maximum energy efficiency while making the living environment more comfortable. Building automation, which has gained momentum with smart buildings in the last period, has started to become widespread, but the problems in practice continue at the same speed. If we give an example to these problems;

  • Systems that cannot talk to and integrate with each other
  • Increasing the investment costs of backup costs in different systems
  • The necessity to come together with different brands for maintenance and service
  • Energy efficiency not fully achieved

One way to solve these problems is to use flexible controllers in the system.

”WAGO automation system controllers have the same features as PLCs. WAGO also has 4 basic control structures used in building automation applications. “

Use of Controllers in Building Automation

WAGO combines PLC infrastructure with KNX, BACnet, LON, Ethernet TCP / IP and Modbus in building automation systems. Thus, it has reached a very high programming ability and flexible building automation system.

  • Offers different programming capacities from 1Mb up to 32kB
  • It has a flash memory that eliminates the need for battery usage
  • 32-bit processor architecture with multi-tasking support
  • Expansion capacity up to 2000 inputs / outputs under one controller
  • Easy and inexpensive wiring possibility with the internal switch function in new controllers
  • Modbus RTU master / slave, or ASCII, RS 232, RS 485 support
  • Battery powered real time clock and SNTP synchronization
  • Advanced management calendar
  • Full visualization with WEB server support
  • Superior protection properties for building infrastructure with Loyd approved products
  • Alarm management and trend analysis
  • Thanks to the modular structure, it is only possible to replace the relevant module when it needs service without having to change the program.
  • Advanced data transfer and management between Ethernet, KNX and BACnet systems thanks to IP based infrastructure
Use of Controllers in Building Automation

The WAGO BACnet controller supports the BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) over BACnet IP and BACnet MS / TP. Similarly, valves, valve motors, thermostats and all other HVAC field equipment, which are not included in the WAGO product range, are used without any problems under this platform.

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