Spring Terminal Push-in Cage Clamp S

As the inventor of the spring connection and the manufacturer of the largest and most advanced spring terminal family in this field, we offer the most reliable and long-lasting solutions from 0.08 to 185 mm2. Our quality and guarantee is a true reflection of our customer experience with our Cage Clamp series terminal blocks, which have been used without any need for maintenance and service for over 35 years.


Spring Terminal Push-in Cage Clamp S


We do not say that we are doing the best, we only document the numbers we have reached far beyond the standards with the reports of international test and certification institutions.


WAGO Topjob S terminals manufactured since 2003 can be used in an upper section. Because in the tests carried out by KEMA and DEKRA, TOPJOB S meets all IEC 60947-7-1 requirements, and the ground terminal blocks also meet IEC 60 947-7-2 requirements. For example; Although 2.5mm2 / 24A is printed on the 2002 series, the terminal block is also fully approved for 4mm2 and 32A. This ensures that the terminal does not heat up as a result of the excellent conductivity coefficient consisting of stainless steel and copper busbar and this thermal value does not exceed the values ​​required by IEC under any vibration. WAGO, which has been approved in this series for the whole series, declares the relevant test documents directly. The values ​​written on the terminal are the maximum cross-section that can be used in the ferrule in case of use with ferrule and the maximum current that can be drawn through the cable in this ferrule and related section. WAGO uses stainless steel in its terminals. This means that we provide 35 years of warranty if the correct connection is made to our products. This period has been proven once again by retiring our terminals that were installed on trains 35 years ago in test laboratories and getting full marks from all tests. In other words, the spring we use in our products never experiences metal fatigue.

Spring Terminal Push-in Cage Clamp S

Topjob S series, which is produced with Push-in Cage Clamp technology, is suitable for use in all cable types, and allows the use of push-in insertion just like WAGO junction box terminals in case of use of single core and ferrule conductors. Likewise, with its conical structure that will prevent the fringing of ferrules without ferrules, it saves both ferrule cost and ferrule workmanship, and keeps you away from the problems that may be caused by distant ferrules, especially in far east origin and uncertain about material quality. Especially since it will reduce the voltage drop, heating of the terminals and cables is also prevented. (The use of ferrule is first of all a reverse product to MTBF calculation, because the use of each extra product in the MTBF account is a negative factor that reduces the reliability of the product. We bring it to the attention of engineers. it does not require a special terminal block and allows these sensors to be used directly in the Topjob S series and proves this with test reports.

Spring Terminal Push-in Cage Clamp S

Again, it is absolutely not in the Topjob S series, which makes it mandatory to use in both terminals with button terminals. You can insert and drop the screwdriver into the opening slot, and prepare the cable at that time.

Topjob S series is also very different about bridging. With infinite bridge, you can bridge as much as you want. Or you can enter the bridge slot of the other terminal by skipping the 10 terminals with cable bridges. Of course, bridging at 120 ° C is fully functional at the top of the most important issues. The most important difference of Topjob S bridges from competing products is that their forms never deteriorate, since the current busbar is inserted and compressed with an additional spring, and other products do not. In addition, the connector shown below can be attached to the bridge slot, so that you do not have to constantly plug and play for test work in customary works. With the devices that can be fitted with cable or direct probe, all kinds of test and measurement operations are simplified while safety is at the highest level.

WAGO, which is the leading brand in the train sector for safety reasons that we provide under high frequency, vibration, proves its difference by providing a value much lower than the acceptable voltage drop of 3.2mV (about 2mV level) in tests up to 250Hz oscillation.

According to the norms of IEC 60947-7-1 / EN 60947-7-1 / VDE 0611-1

The valid rule for a manufacturer to specify the section value in the given values is given in the table below in full detail. It should be understood from this table that a rail terminal block, which is said to be 2,5mm2, should heat less than 45 Kelvin while working at 24A. In WAGO Topjob S series, it is approved for 4mm2 and 32A in spite of 2,5mm2 / 24A value written on the terminal code 2002-1201 in 2002 series. Because heating is only between 34-42 Kelvin at 4mm2 / 32A connection.

Image from the test report according to IEC 60947-7-1

Spring Terminal Push-in Cage Clamp S

An important criterion for rail terminal blocks is in which class it is according to UL 94, which determines the behavior characteristic that it will display against flaming or extinguishing after flaming. WAGO is at the top level in the V0 class with a value of 960oC. The purpose of this test is that the terminal does not catch fire before 960oC and the burning stops within 10 seconds when the flame source is withdrawn and there is no drip from the plastic. Moreover, even if there is a drop, even if there is a flame at first, it is another important step of the test that the dripping plastic does not ignite the silk paper placed under the test apparatus.

In addition to all these mechanical and electrical features, Topjob S series continues to be user-friendly with its labeling features. WAGO, which made a revolution in this field with the strip labeling developed in the train standards, which was developed to be resistant to vibration, made it possible to write 2, 3 and even 4 lines to completely eliminate the need for the group label. Group tag removal

  • It provides cost savings,
  • Reduces labor,
  • It provides a serious space advantage in the rail terminal block,
  • In logistics terms, it saves you from a lot of product stock.

Here you can write articles with any type of coding with ribbon labels, as well as details such as motor, pump name and even definitions such as company logo, or electrical sign. The ribbon label made of a special material does not change form due to effects such as UV.

Spring Terminal Push-in Cage Clamp S
The high current terminal block meets the most demanding requirements, including the rail transport and shipbuilding industries, and is resistant to vibration, heat and cold, even under the heaviest loads.

Different usage advantages have been proved once again with both rail and chassis mounted products at 185mm2, 353A, 1500VDC, WAGO spring clamps designed from 0.08mm2 to 185mm2 completely spring and designed to be unaffected by vibration. This series includes products in cross-section 35, 70, 95 and 185mm2. These products can also be labeled with a strip label and allow connection without a ferrule, while the connection time of a 185mm2 cable is only 5 seconds. This series has been the key for many years, especially in high current drive / driver applications, due to its high current / harmonic effects, for loosening problems in screw connections.

Spring Terminal Push-in Cage Clamp S

A new technology in the Tobjob S series is offered at the sensor terminal blocks. By providing two sensor connections in a terminal form, the need for unnecessary bridging is eliminated and only discrete connections at the signal level are offered.

The wide selection criteria and Push-in feature of the WAGO product family come to the forefront when using the terminal block, one of the biggest problems of the building floor panels. It can offer a solution in 4 and 6mm2 in the 3-layer lintel terminal block (phase + neutral-earth).

Especially in such projects, we are very assertive about revising existing projects by offering solutions in the field with our project team and solutions simplified in an easier, economical and engineering infrastructure.

Until now, one of the simplified solutions has been presented to your attention by providing project support in many hospital projects. Therefore, we do not only sell products but also offer automation project services and installation project services.

So Topjob S series

  • Suitable for all types of conductors
  • Designed to use without a load
  • Extremely wide bridging feature
  • Fastest and most comprehensive labeling
  • The widest product range
  • It is suitable for all engineering solutions.

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