Realize Your Plans with smartDATA

Imagine a system that designs, lists, performs the order and transportation process of the product in your mind. This system; It should be in a structure that concludes the production and supply process within your plans without wasting time and cost. WAGO offers smartDATA Engineering, a solution that supports the user, from planning and configuration to engineering, from testing to commissioning. This whole process takes place through digitalization, which is a requirement of our age. The different control points used by the system in the digitalization process enable us to obtain high-quality and reliable results.

Realize Your Plans with smartDATA

Follow-up of the process with data, software tools and interfaces

WAGO; With smartDATA, it offers customers the continuous data flow, software tools and interfaces they need throughout the entire process. These processes are; It can include electrical and mechanical planning as well as the ordering and production of structured or special products.



We produce time and cost saving solutions for all processes from electrical and mechanical planning to delivery. Your projects are CAE software (EPLAN, WSCAD, AUCOTEC, E3.series,, AutoCAD ecscad, PC SCHEMATIC, IGE-XAO Group) or WAGO e! Plan on COCKPIT. Your data is transferred directly to the smartDESIGNER online product configurator.

Project Engineering

smartDESIGNER product configurator is in a structure that you can access from your browser for free. It provides 3D configuration of WAGO’s electrical interconnection and automation components, including TOPJOB® S rail terminal blocks, WAGO 750 I/O system-modules, interface products and accessories. In addition to the pre-assembled products, relevant product and process data are available for all documentation.


The product portfolio of WAGO technologies can be downloaded from CAD product data can be easily and quickly imported into customer’s designs here. It provides data that meets these requirements through an online portal in 2D or 3D data in a neutral CAD format or in the user’s CAD system format. In addition to geometry data, technical and commercial product data is also transferred to the CAD target system or PLM / ERP software.

Realize Your Plans with smartDATA


Order structured products and use them to minimize your storage and assembly costs compared to identifying individual components. An end-to-end process chain reduces production times and raises quality standards for individual projects.

Material Production

For automatic item creation, smartDESIGNER provides data to the Product Lifecycle Management System. This adds information about the configured product. For example; ETIM and eCl @ ss classification data, as well as information about the type of packaging and the unit. The order is also processed by the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP).

Realize Your Plans with smartDATA

Production and Delivery

This production process of WAGO is software-based and transparent from start to finish. It is also open to any employee who wishes to enter the production process. The assembly and production of real components or groups of components based on virtual templates reduces production times and ensures timely delivery.

As a result, WAGO realizes the fastest and most transparent solution possible with the smartDATA system. Additional costs are aimed at eliminating time and labor loss.

With WAGO, digitization processes continue at an accelerated rate. Stay on track…


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