Process Automation in Dangerous Areas

Food, beverage, chemical, oil or gas process applications face tough conditions. WAGO I/O system; its compact size, flexibility and reliability are unmatched to meet these challenges.

Process Automation in Dangerous Areas
  • Technicial Specifications:
  • Fieldbus independent
  • High precision analog I/O
  • 8 channels only 12mm wide
  • Supports Hart protocol
  • XTR for eXTReme environments
  • Temperature & humidity: -40 ° C to +70 ° C
  • Class I Div. 2 approval
  • Safety I/O options
  • Temperature (adjustable RTD and Thermocouple)
  • Module analysis – short circuit, broken wire warning and many more indicator options
  • ATEX, IECEx, CSA and UL certified
Process Automation in Dangerous Areas

Internal Safe Structure

Intrinsically safe; digital, analog and special I/O modules reduce costs and eliminate footprints of the control system, wiring time required for DIN rail-mounted IS (Internal Security) barriers. WAGO I/O system, which allows to use the standard and safety I/O modules in the same structure, is suitable for use in hazardous areas with this feature.

  • Digital, analog and special I/O modules
  • Direct connection to Ex devices in Zone 0 or Zone 1 regions
  • I/O positioning in Zone 2 / Class 1, Division 2 zones
  • There is no external safe power supply requirement.
  • Combining Safety and standard I/O modules
  • Independent fieldbus
  • Using with WAGO controllers or distributed I/O


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