PFC 200 System | Position Control

Automatic positioning systems are used extensively in many branches of industry, from production lines to the logistics sector. ARATEC, developed by our customer PSI Technology, is an automatic positioning software developed for vehicles. Thanks to ARATEC, precise positioning can be done using the functions of the drive, sensors and controllers. Energy efficiency is of great importance in the system, which can be positioned from one axis to three axes.

Strong PC Structure

ARATEC’s algorithma and control software are developed in C language. For this reason, ARATEC needs a strong infrastructure both hardware and software as a controller. Although it is thought to use a PLC or Codesys based controller, it seems to be very slow. For this reason, Linux-based PFC 200 was preferred in the project. Thanks to the PFC 200 Cortex A8 processor, ARATEC provided the speed and computing power it needed.

PFC 200 System | Position Control

Retrofit Systems

Integration into old systems is also crucial, as ARATEC is especially integrated into older factories or businesses. WAGO provides modernization of outdated PLCs and controllers using the most modern techniques without the need for wiring. By leaving the old main PLC stationary, PFC 200 and other I/O modules are placed. For high capability PLC, Profibus or Ethernet supported by ARATEC is used. At the driver point, CAN system is used as a classic. WAGO supports this interface both at the automation point and at the data transmission point.

PFC 200 System | Position Control


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