Modernization of Old Automation Systems

Your Demode PLC and controllers lose their functions over time. This directly affects the operating performance. It is therefore important to modernize these systems. It provides the easiest and fastest time to complete the modernization processes of WAGO automation systems with control technology.

Modernization of Automation Systems

In many industries, sensors, actuators are controlled by outdated PLCs. This increases maintenance costs and lowers operational efficiency. At the same time, obsolete systems do not allow new tools to be integrated. This situation causes the enterprises to not benefit from new developments and increase the operating costs. This situation affects sustainability negatively for businesses.

The fact that modernization is generally costly, takes a long time and causes unplanned stops delays the decision making. WAGO provides modernization of outdated PLCs and controllers using the most modern techniques without the need for wiring. While doing this, it uses the most advanced communication techniques in today’s world. Thus, the modernization process is the cheapest, easy and fast. While line stops and production losses are prevented, total project costs are minimized.

Demode PLC view

Demode PLC / Demode PLCs cause operating costs to increase.


On the other hand, the cabling and its cabinets are not interfered in any way. Specially designed adapters are applied to the WAGO I / O series system. This system can use all modern industrial communication techniques according to IEC 61131. A fast, time-saving and cost-effective modernization process is provided both technically and structurally.

First of all, the data points of the system are control modules, cabling, process etc. information is detailed. This information is required for multi connectors and WAGO I / O components. By enabling WAGO I / O replacement without changing the wiring of the old PLCs of the company, the system can be commissioned quickly.

Modernization of the system with the WAGO 750 series without changing the cabling and IPC structure of the system.

Modernization of the system with the WAGO 750 series without changing the cabling and IPC structure of the system.

Multi connectors and WAGO I/O components are placed in a frame. The dimensions of this frame are the same as those of the control system. The WAGO components are mounted in an unchanged cabinet. PLCs are then converted through test adapters within a few hours. The covers of the old system are added to the multi connector. Thus, the data points of the old system are connected to the WAGO I/O system. The task of the old PLC is transferred to WAGO.

Integration of WAGO I / O system through multi connectors.
                     Integration of WAGO I/O system through multi connectors.

Using WAGO Components

WAGO I/O SYSTEM 750 series is very suitable for distributed automation systems. This system offers digital and analog input / output couplers, controllers and numerous modules.

The WAGO I/O system is installed in place of the old system that was removed. As a result of the modernization, the desired PLC brand and model can be used for the control of the entire system.

Benefits for the User

Factory Managers, Engineers, Maintenance and Repair Teams

  • With the establishment of WAGO-Retrofit, your mechanical work is reduced.
  • The conversion takes a maximum of 1 day.
  • Thanks to this system, cabling in the cabin is not required. Thanks to WAGO connector Adapters, the old system is directly connected to the new system.
  • In case of an error in the system, you are always in control thanks to the simple operation operation in the background.

Production Managers

  • During the modernization, the stopping time of the machines is minimal.
  • Improved process, production and increased security.
  • Partial and total losses caused by the obsolete system are eliminated and maintenance support is no longer needed.
  • Increasing the security and reliability of the system as a result of modernization.
  • Easy integration into corporate resource planning (SAP, Machine business data management etc.)

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