KNX Building Automation

Integration of open protocol bus systems in the building automation system with each other is extremely important for building automation projects. WAGO offers software, hardware and engineering support for easy integration of automation systems used in building structures. With its web-based control, it creates a command of building operation from anywhere and at different levels of authority. The whole structure is installed on the Ethernet, ie Modbus TCP / IP backbone, and opened for monitoring and control over a single Building Management Software / SCADA. It is easily and cost-effectively integrated with BACnet IP, KNX IP, LONWORKS ® or Modbus / TCP, WAGO controllers, located within the building management protocols on the Ethernet backbone. At this point, it should be remembered that it is easy to reach all the building variables that are important at the level of management, to simplify the facility management and to reach high energy saving and comfort of life.

Building Automation

The planning, implementation and subsequent operation of the building should be open to development according to the maximum economy and future needs. Therefore, an automation system that can meet individual and group needs on a modular structure as much as possible and can be adapted to subsequent needs is extremely important. WAGO plays an important role in modern building automation needs. Many applications such as HVAC system and control, automatic control of blinds, energy saving applications, lighting control, optimization of the ventilation system according to the information coming from the lighting sensors are integrated in WAGO solutions.

HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) are the leading cost centers in the buildings. Automatic control of HVAC systems both minimizes energy costs and offers a more comfortable and livable building. The planning of HVAC infrastructures combines a deep knowledge and easy programming and commissioning advantages. With WAGO, it is very easy to create an automation system that is fast, flawless and with high reliability standards, with software that has been tried and applied without errors, by errors. Knowledge should be supported by the use of compatible systems together and correct programming. WAGO offers all the scenarios needed by system integrators with ready-made HVAC libraries.

WAGO Web based configuration windows

Building Automation and Energy Management

One of the most important issues in the planning of buildings is energy efficiency. The most important goal in both construction and renovation applications is to achieve energy savings. It is anticipated for the investor building to obtain a highly efficient building certificate. With WAGO, A class is achieved very easily in building efficiency. WAGO not only guarantees Class A, it also provides control of the building energy system from medium voltage to room level and integration into the existing building management system within the same structure.


What is KNX?

It is the world’s only open standard developed for building automation technologies that comply with KNX EN 50090. Functions that are controlled separately with KNX are gathered under one roof. Each element in the system has its own address. In the installed system, changes can be made without touching the existing installation. The system can be easily expanded according to the needs.

What Can Be Connected to the KNX System?

  • Power sources
  • Line replicators
  • USB InterfaceRS 232 Interface – Keys
  • Existence sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Input modules
  • Thermostat on
  • On / off modules
  • Oldening modules DALI modules
  • Curtains / blinds control modules
  • Heating / cooling control modules
  • Logic processors
  • LCD Modules

KNX and Energy Efficiency

Thanks to KNX, lighting expenses, building operating expenses, energy expenses are reduced. It is possible to save up to 55% energy according to EN 15193. With KNX, the concept of sustainable building has been formed. It can be used in LEED, HQE, BREEAM, GREENSTAR projects.

What can be done with KNX?

  • HVAC Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Frequency Control
  • Power Factor Corrections
  • Meter and Measurement Devices tracking

KNX IP Controllers have the following features.

  • Programmable application control with Ethernet and KNX IP Protocol
  • Automatic generation of KNX objects from CodeSys
    Integrated KNX IP Router with KNX TP1 Module
  • Button created to restore Dafault IP Addresses (DFLT IP)




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