JUMPFLEX® Signal Converters

2857-535 RTD-TC-Temperature Signal Converters

WAGO’s new signal converters gather RTD sensors, potentiometers, resistors and thermocouple type inputs in one module! The module that provides relay or digital output provides great convenience to its users with two versions of analog and serial (MODBUS RTU)

With 24VDC supply, the new JUMPFLEX® signal with Pt10… Pt2000 – sensor input (expandable) capability to capture all input resistance values up to 10 kΩ and type J, K, E, R, N, S, T, B, C thermocouple input The converters are ideal and safe for every application, with either relay output or digital output. 2857-535 RTD-TC-Temperature Signal Converters can be configured with free configuration software, LED display that can be mounted on a mobile application or module via bluetooth, thereby providing a flexible solution to system changes.

Providing safe 4-way isolation with a test voltage of 3 kV, JUMPFLEX® Temperature Signal Converters reports up to 2 limit values and transfers display status or provides this information in series or analog to a higher level PLC.

JUMPFLEX® Signal Converters

Housed in a 6 mm-wide package, the JUMPFLEX® 857 Series sets new standards for signal conditioners: The modules offer numerous technical highlights and feature a common profile, allowing the same flexible push-in jumpers to be used across the entire JUMPFLEX® line. With its new JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners, WAGO is continuing to expand its existing JUMPFLEX® portfolio, offering its customers the best solutions from a single source.


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  1. July 29, 2020

    […] a wide range of signals, JUMPFLEX® 857 and 2857 series transducers convert your signals into low electrical signals that control […]

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