JUMPFLEX® Converters | Flexibility and Compatibility

The new 2857 Series JUMPFLEX Converters are designed in the same external form, in line with the current 857 series. Boxes of all widths have the same outer form, so feeds are easily bridged to each other. This feature also saves you time and effort by preventing each connection from being made separately, making connections quickly and easily. The 2857 series JUMPFLEX® is designed to operate in a wide temperature range, such as degrees. Marking tags and WMB and WMB Inline tags can be used to tag converters, and each connection can be tagged with the Micro-WSB marking system.

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JUMPFLEX® Converters | Flexibility and Compatibility

The user can also choose the method of adjusting the device as desired. Whether with DIP Switches on the device, application software on the PC or smartphone, or the newly developed touch screen, the choice is up to you. This plug-in display can be mounted on the device quickly and easily and is user-friendly with a capacitive touchless structure without a button. The screen is multicolored and switches between different colors, such as melon, red, green and white, depending on the current state of the converter. Integrated features such as the copy function allow you to effortlessly move settings saved for another device to another device. Password protection can prevent unauthorized people from changing device settings.

The new JUMPFLEX® 2857 series will debut with current transformer (AC/DC 100 A) isolation amplifier and PT sensor or 2 temperature limit relays with Thermocouple input. All devices will be able to produce solutions for many different applications thanks to the wide range of adjustment options.

Well Considered Concept

In addition to its technical features, a wide range of connection options sets the new JUMPFLEX® 2857 series of new standards from WAGO, beyond all this, the body silhouette, which is the same across all widths, is admirable.

Intuitive Adjustment

The touch-sensitive capacitive plug-in display makes adjustments very user-friendly. The integrated copy function makes it easy to move settings from one device to another.


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  1. July 28, 2020

    […] JUMPFLEX current signal converter measures DC or AC currents and converts them to standard analog signal (current or voltage). There are two different measuring ranges: 0 …… 1 A and 1… .5 A. You can see the values in the table below. […]

  2. July 28, 2020

    […] with its technological superiorities and it is expanding its usage area with new approvals in Jumpflex signal converters. Products approved by DNV, GL, NKK, BV for the maritime industry will be able to use in explosive […]

  3. August 12, 2020

    […] new ECBs of WAGO are modular. While JUMPFLEX® provides simple input voltage connection to 857 and 2857 series units, it combines direct input […]

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