Do you differentiate with Codesys in Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a phenomenon driven by Germany that aims to move on to do things we couldn’t have imagined just 10 years ago. First of all, it is useful to look briefly at the Industry 1,2,3 cycles of Industry 4.0. The First Industrial Revolution started in 19th century with the transition from fields to factory. We saw the 2nd Industrial Revolution during the period we lived towards the discovery of electricity from the 1850s to the First World War. We started the 3rd Industrial Revolution with the transition from the mechanical and analog world to digital between 1950 and 1970, and now we are talking about Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 aims to provide us with a digital world and self-living factories targeting the Terminator, which we live in the supply chain as well as production technologies, that are self-living and purified from people. Automatic supply of this product in case of decrease in the products in the production area; It brings together many complex infrastructures such as information, automatic preparation of recipes, automatic reloading of all programs related to the product in any product change on the service side, and making the system ready for production. Industry 4.0 aims for a fully internet and Ethernet-based industrial life.

Do you differentiate with Codesys in Industry 4.0?

Why Codesys

Opening a new production facility or starting production of a new product in an existing facility has very difficult steps: adaptation time, trials, pre-production testing and numerous unexpected cost overruns. Unexpectedly stopping of activities for one day is a huge loss of income for many businesses. Industry 4.0 will present its production facilities and products in a virtual environment in order to be prepared for physical production. Each of the processes will be virtually simulated and validated before physical mapping is complete. Industry 4.0 is to equip the Traditional Industry with High Technology by combining the integration of Internet, Communication, Computerization, Automation technologies and Wireless Communication with information. All Industry is moving rapidly towards Industry 4.0. This structure ensures that the entire system in the factories, the devices and machines on the production lines stay in touch with each other by advanced communication, and even further, it combines many different Protocols, Domains and Application Machinery-Machinery (M2M) communication under one roof, and relaxes.

Do you differentiate with Codesys in Industry 4.0?

While designing our new controller, we aimed that all controllers include a particularly good PLC backgorund and also have a serious IT infrastructure. We knew that Ethernet based PLCs would gain great importance in the period between 2015-2020. In our new PFC100 and PFC200 series, all IT security technologies such as HTTP, HTTPs, VPN, SSL supporting Linux and CoDeSys 3.0 are included, while working with Profibus, CANBus, Modbus, and directly with Ethernet on the other. We have released a new PLC that can connect to another line via an ID and thus fully interface between different layers.

It has 10 MB of programming memory, even very complex programs can be written, and the data memory is also incredibly developed; We have developed this PC PLC platform to be ready for Industry 4.0, on which 32 GB SD cards can be mounted. All of the new screens we have removed can work via WebServer. We have the opportunity to use all the visualization we embed in the PLC directly on the screens without any further operation. When the screen is broken, we can automatically change the screen and realize the whole structure.

Industry 4.0 is aimed at fully central servers or cloud communication. Therefore, without integrating into the Ethernet infrastructure, we cannot go to a different place than the world we live in at the speed of only PLC. Industry 4.0 talks about factories that live on their own, not speed. Smarter structures can be with large-scale servers, not just PLC. We think that companies that use other communication platforms in the Far East will have to approach this direction gradually or launch a new Ethernet based platform. 

Do you differentiate with Codesys in Industry 4.0?


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