Fundamentals of Fieldbus Systems

It was one of the most progressive cases of the 21st century that took our communication or communication era further. As a matter of fact, these developments were used extensively in the industry. However, considering the size of the industry, it was very important to have certain standards in the communication of such different brands and devices. This problem has been tried to overcome with the protocols developed in the industry.

What is FieldBus?

Fieldbus is an industrial network specifically designed for communication between PLC or industrial controllers and field mounted sensor and actuator. This fieldbus coupler connects the WAGO I/O System 750 to PROFINET IO (open, real-time Industrial ETHERNET automation standard).

The WAGO I/O-SYSTEM 750/753 is characterized by its universal application scope and extensive product portfolio. With more than 500 different modules, the versatility and flexibility is so great that virtually every requirement within the broadest range of industries is covered.


Fundamentals of Fieldbus Systems

WAGO’s I/O Systems: Compatible with all standard fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards



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