The Perfect Foundation for Smart Buildings: PFC 200 BACnet

The Perfect Foundation for Smart Buildings: PFC 200 BACnet

The Perfect Foundation for Smart Buildings: PFC 200 BACnet / IP Controller

All requirements are met for the modern smart building concept. WAGO combines the new BACnet / IP controller with the industry-approved BACnet / IP building protocol with IT infrastructure requirements.

WAGO’s PFC series controllers allow users to work on both the Linux operating system and e! COCKPIT engineering software. New   PFC200 controller; It is an ideal solution for controlling intelligent building automation systems and enables data to be transmitted to the cloud via the integrated MQTT (open messaging protocol) interface.

Dual ETHERNET ports and integrated switches on the device allow different line topologies to be created. BACnet / IP controllers can be programmed according to IEC 61131-3. The BACnet Interface is created with the BACnet configurator. With its numerous I / O options, the WAGO I/O system can combine numerous possibilities in your building automation projects.


  • Has built-in serial interface and BACnet / IP fieldbus protocol
  • BACnet building controller (B-BC) with all necessary BACnet objects and interoperable building blocks (BIBBs)
  • Realization of complex projects with many BACnet objects
  • Standard connection to cloud solutions with MQTT
  • Cortex A8 processor and 512 MB RAM
  • e! COCKPIT and real-time Linux® operating system
  • Secure connection with TLS, SSH, VPN and integrated firewall

BACnet Configurator

BACnet Configurator is an arming, configuration and management software that enables quick and easy commissioning and configuration of the BACnet Controller. It does not require any prior programming experience!

The capabilities of the configurator include

  • Logical structuring of the project and BACnet devices
  • Addressing and configuring the fieldbus controller
  • Creating and configuring BACnet objects and properties
  • Creating client maps
  • Backup and Restore
  • Import / Export functions
The Perfect Foundation for Smart Buildings: PFC 200 BACnet / IP Controller

BACnet Concept

System Overview

WAGO; By combining the rooted I/O system with the BACnet controller, it made a significant change in building automation.

BACnet communication protocol; It is a protocol that provides communication between different forms and manufacturers in building automation according to the ISO 16484-5 standard.

The BACnet controller can be combined with any standard module or a module specific to building automation (KNX, DALI, Mbus etc.).

WAGO’s BACnet configurator; BACnet controllers in heterogeneous BACnet networks are a very powerful tool for controlling and configuring.

BACnet controllers; It is compatible with BACnet Building Controllers (B-BC) profile and supports BACnet / IP communication.

WAGO BACnet fielbus coupler; Ideal for recording I/O signals from BACnet networks. The coupler creates a suitable BACnet object for each channel of the digital and analog I/O modules connected to it and transmits them to a BACnet network.

Both the controller and fieldbus coupler comply with current industry standards and meet all market requirements.

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    […] to be very slow. For this reason, Linux-based PFC 200 was preferred in the project. Thanks to the PFC 200 Cortex A8 processor, ARATEC provided the speed and computing power it […]

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