EPSITRON® IP67 Power Supply

With EPSITRON® IP67 Power Supply, Panels Are Smaller, Safer And Practical Energization Possible On The Field!

The EPSITRON® IP67 Power Supply, which you can use safely even in harsh environments, is dustproof and protects against splashes and short-term flooding.

With its 24VDC, 4A output characteristic, the WAGO IP67 class power supply, which can operate smoothly up to 100% relative humidity in the challenging temperature range of -40… +85 ° C, offers users fast and tool-free connection.

Thanks to its active power factor correction feature, it does not print harmonic to the network, thanks to its high efficiency it provides energy and cost savings. It is safe for distributed applications and off-board use, and offers durable and powerful solutions.

7 Reasons to Use WAGO EPSITRON® IP67 Power Supply

  • Slim design in the metal body reduces space requirement and increases durability.
  • Panels can be designed smaller because the EPSITRON® IP67 power supply has been specially developed for use outside the control cabinet
  • It can withstand extreme environmental conditions and can be installed directly on site
  • It powers up to 150% of the rated current for 5 seconds. (With PowerBoost)
  • DC OK signal with short circuit and overload protection
  • Fast and tool-free wiring with 7/8 inch connection
  • Rugged and compact IP67 body

EPSITRON® IP67 Power Supply

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  2. August 12, 2020

    […] Have you seen EPSITRON® IP67 Power Supply?: EPSITRON® IP67 Power Supply […]

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