EnOcean in Building Automation

With the developing technology, Building Automation systems have started to become more and more compact. EnOcean technology reduces switch, sensor, cable and control costs in building automation with its innovative structure.

EnOcean Technology

EnOcean is a wireless communication technology. It is based on radio transmitters with very low energy consumption. In EnOcean technology, Sensors supply their energy from the environment. For example, the kinetic energy when the user presses the switch is converted into electrical energy and feeding is provided in this way. This eliminates the need for batteries.

Some Technical Data

  • Communication up to 100 meters in open area
  • 30 meters plate, 5 meters wooden pass
  • 20 meter brick, 10 meter concrete wall passage
  • Frequency 868.3 mHz
  • Fast data migration (Thus, the possibility of data collision decreases)
  • One identification fixed to the system for each transmitter
EnOcean in Building Automation

EnOcean working distances

EnOcean in Building Automation

EnOcean exchanges data faster and safer than other typical RF receivers.

EnOcean in Building Automation

Example use of EnOcean in building automation

Advantages of EnOcean

  • Cabling, control, sensor, reduction of switch costs
  • Flexibility in installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Crushing, drilling, etc. no transactions
  • Ease of renovation (like historical buildings)
  • Unlimited sensor usage
  • Actuators do not require external feeding
  • Two-way communication

Where is it often used?

  • Open offices
  • Factories
  • Glass buildings
  • Historical places
  • museums
  • Buildings with frequently changing structures


Application Lighting and Moving Louvers

This app works wirelessly with the transmitter and receiver. Commands of the lighting in the ceiling are carried out with 4-output enocean winsta boxes prewired with WINSTA. Indirect lighting application is provided with remote control sockets. Moving louvers are controlled by a louver control. The opening and closing orders of the lighting and the up and down commands of the shutters are performed locally with a switch or with the control or tele control from the control system.

EnOcean in Building Automation

Using EnOcean in lighting and blinds

WAGO Ready Libraries

WAGO offers a complete library for wireless management of sensors. To simplify the integration work, block functions decode radio data and place the values received in output variables adapted to the sensor type. For example, a block with 2 commands has 4 buttons and sends 4 digital information. Functional blocks for temperature and humidity sensors regulate temperature and humidity values.

EnOcean in Building AutomationFunction blocks for switch and window contact

  • Each EnOcean transmitter has a single identification entered by the manufacturer. A visualization is available that allows automatic entry of definitions to facilitate parameterization.
  • It is sufficient to select only the element to be configured according to the type of sensor.
  • Pressing the 1st button with the keys
  • It is enough to press the Learn button of other types of sensors (temperature, window open-closed state).

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