Direct IoT Connection with WAGO Cloud Connectivity

Direct IoT Connection with WAGO Cloud Connectivity

In addition to the software, we also provide the right hardware: PFC controllers and cloud connectivity with WAGO Touch Panels.

Direct IoT Connection with WAGO Cloud Connectivity

Save, digitize and connect your data… this whole structure is the basic concept of Industry 4.0. WAGO 750 series I/O systems; it collects the data it receives from the field level and makes it available for your analysis. You can also throw your data into cloud systems or local MQTT brokers with WAGO PFC controllers or 600 series touch panels. These features give you the opportunity to create real added value for your company. Whether you want to increase the efficiency of in-house production, to set up and implement energy management in your buildings, or to open the way to improve end user services according to demands… You can determine the limit of analysis and business development potential you can perform!

Ready For The Future!

Your existing systems can also be ready for IoT build! This makes your system sustainable. Communication between PFC controllers and cloud providers takes place over the MQTT protocol and with the TLS 1.2 encryption system. All adjustments to the cloud connection are made on the controller’s web-based management screen (WBM). With the appropriate libraries in WAGO’s e! COCKPIT engineering software, variables defined in the PLC program can be easily transferred to the cloud system. This ready-made structure offers PLC programmers a complete maintenance check.


With a wide range of interfaces, WAGO controllers provide the perfect basis for IoT gateway. It can collect multiple field signals, communicate with many current industrial protocols, and even connect sensors and actuators without a web interface to cloud systems. Thanks to the standard MQTT protocol, it is possible to connect to cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud or SAP Cloud with WAGO controllers. Of course, other MQTT brokers or solutions such as WAGO Cloud can also be connected. Cloud connectivity is a standard feature of PFC controllers since controllers have received the v11 software update. The required libraries have been available in e! COCKPIT since version V1.4. With the latest update v12, WAGO’s 600 series touch panels also provide cloud connectivity and all libraries for this connection are also available in e! COCKPIT v1.5.

Our Advantage;

Direct link from the field level to the cloud
Extension of existing systems as IoT gateway with PFC and control panel
Data collection and visualization from independent points
Connection to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud or other MQTT brokers with standardized MQTT protocol
High security thanks to TLS encryption


Direct IoT Connection with WAGO Cloud Connectivity

Direct IoT Connection with WAGO Cloud Connectivity

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