Advantages of JUMPFLEX® Signal Converters

Advantages of JUMPFLEX® Signal Converters

With a wide range of signals, JUMPFLEX® 857 and 2857 series transducers convert your signals into low electrical signals that control devices such as PLC ‘s can detect.

It allows you to easily change and control your input-output parameters with various configuration methods.

  • Insulation amplifier
  • Frequency inverter
  • Current transducer
  • Voltage converter
  • Power transducer
  • Threshold switch
  • Temperature signal converter
  • POT converter
Advantages of JUMPFLEX® Signal Converters
Frequency inverter, 857-500




As a result of the short circuit of the sensors, high current is drawn from the input of the inverters, which can cause damage to the inputs.


A resettable fuse is available at the inverter input for protection against overcurrent.

For 857-409 and 857-402


Usually, when making selections other than factory settings with switches, the same sensitivity cannot be taken and deviations in values and erroneous measurements occur.


By using laser adjustable resistors in each DIP switch, the same 0.1% sensitivity is achieved in any switch position. Thus, you do not need additional settings in WAGO converters or additional offset values in PLC and you can easily solve your work with plug and play.


It is not possible to encounter a cycle other than the set values. In case of instantaneous high current or voltage, if the output current goes over 20mA and 30mA, it may cause reasons such as wrong measurement, PLC failure.


WAGO uses the Clipping function in converters; so any high value that may come instantaneously is clipped and you will only get the limit value you set as the maximum value from the output.

Advantages of JUMPFLEX® Signal Converters


Transformer circuits are generally used in the thick body to provide 2.5kV isolation, in this case, the space problem occurs in the inverters used in numbers or the isolation level is 500VAC or 1500VAC when thin 6mm modules are used.


WAGO 857 series provides 2.5kVAC isolation in 6mm body. (2857 series has 3-way isolation with 4 KV test voltage!) For this, it has developed a system that will provide the properties of the isolation transformer with a special method.

Advantages of JUMPFLEX® Signal Converters

The 857 series provides safe insulation in a 6 mm body according to DIN EN 61010-1 at 2.5 kV test voltage. With the standard 10 bridge, bridging can be done with extremely low costs and without additional labor. The series, which stands out with its resistance to the environment and ease of assembly, maintenance in the temperature range of -25ºC to + 70ºC, offers a smooth solution with ease of application.

With its wide signal range, the 2857 series provides safe isolation at 4kV test voltage according to DIN EN 61010-1. Offering easy solutions such as 857 series in terms of usage and installation, 2857 series shows perfect performance in ambient temperature range between -40ºC and + 70ºC.

2857 not only opens the doors of safe and error-free working, but also provides a user-friendly screen, computer and telephone control and adjustment facilities, and a technological infrastructure that allows trend analysis.

It can be configured with the JUMPFLEX®-TOGO smart device application and WAGO 750-921 Bluetooth® adapter, which you can download to your phone or tablet, and in addition to these options for the 2857 series via the touch screen. With the touch screen, which is a new feature of the 2857 series, the configuration allows the configuration of one module to be copied and transferred to the other module, thereby preventing waste of time and ensuring quick commissioning. For your security, these parameters can be protected with a password and unauthorized people are not allowed to change settings.

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