A Complete System with WAGO HMI Panel Products

What is HMI?

HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides communication between the automation system and the user. HMI panel transmits the orders received from the user to the automation system, and displays the data received from the automation system on its screen. They can be counted as powerful, microcomputers with an operating system on HMI Panels. Thanks to HMI panels, monitoring, management, diagnosis and control are realized.


PERSPECTO and WAGO have a complete HMI family. The product family can be directly connected to the touch screen, as well as 4 different technological sub-product groups ranging from a web-based display to a programmable control panel. HMI products started production in different options from 3.5 to 15 32 Bit ARM 9200 MHz processor, Intel Atom 1.6 processor, with different CPU options and 256Mb Ram / 128Mb Flash / CF and SRAM capacity.

Thus, touch screen can be used by connecting directly with DVI or USB with Perspecto TM, WAGO-I / O-IPC. The monitor supports VGA, SVGA and XGA resolutions. With the built-in USB HUB function, other USB products can be directly connected to the keyboard, mouse or external storage unit monitor.

WAGO controllers communicate with web panel Perspecto WP via Ethernet as a web client, thanks to the built-in / standard Web server function. It is directly connected to the controller and supports QVGA, VGA and SVGA resolutions. A browser, Java virtual machine and CODESYS  Java applet are installed on the screen. In this way, applications can be run in kiosk mode.
Visu-panel Perspecto VP can be preferred for more powerful applications. Includes self-running HMI Runtime, so the display is suitable for use with high-speed time-masks with low response speed. It has 4 different resolutions and supports web display in parallel for remote display applications.

A Complete System with WAGO HMI Products

Touch Screen

Perspecto CP offers a fully equipped automation device with 4 different screen resolutions. Internally HMI Runtime offers CoDeSys runtime. Thus, Perspecto CP offers programmable features. PLC functionality complies with CoDeSys IEC 61131. With Perspecto CP, you can run the program and do field remote I/O applications via couplers.

Visual Panel

Visual Panel


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