8 reasons to use WINSTA

Winsta can be used on a wide scale from building automation systems to rail transportation systems. So what are the features that distinguish WINSTA from its competitors? We have compiled 8 items for you.

1- Having CAGE CLAMP®S Technology

8 reasons to use WINSTA

In addition to the completely screwless CAGE CLAMP®S cable connection technology, WINSTA offers extremely flexible solutions thanks to its structure, which is developed for very different solution demands, thanks to its structure that allows easy phase change and even load distribution in phases, even if the system design changes. WINSTA stands out with its tailor-made solutions according to customer needs, thanks to its 100% protection against false connections, fixed and variable coding and touch-protected design.

2- WINSTA Distribution Boxes

Since the installation of the box is delivered ready and closed when the application is made with the WINSTA distribution box, it is only necessary to connect the cable coming in and out of the field to the connectors without screws and ferrules, and by completing the whole assembly with the classical panel assembly by attaching these connectors to the box again with 100% error. . This process also greatly reduces assembly time.

3- Use as Distribution Connectors

Another application example is the use of WINSTA distribution connectors, which reduces material costs by nearly half and labor by up to 70% instead of distribution with bus-bar in installations up to 25 Amperes. Here, instead of the connection to be made with special and expensive copper bars, screws and nuts, the installation will be completed by making a very fast, flawless and healthy connection according to the desired norms with standard thin multi-wire cables and screwless connection connectors that are widely available in the market.

4- Use in Lighting Fixtures

Another application example is the use of built-in type connectors, especially in lighting fixtures. In this way, the manufacturer will be able to ship the armature ready for installation, so that during the assembly, it is necessary to struggle with difficulties such as opening the lids of the luminaires, screwing the cables, closing the cover again under difficult and dangerous working conditions. At the same time, while dealing with these processes, the possibility of dropping the luminaire by being damaged and reflecting this to the manufacturer as an assembly company is completely eliminated. For these reasons, it reduces the installation time and workmanship for the company that performs the installation and installation, without a remarkable increase in the armature cost for the manufacturer. For the operator, it is possible to change faulty luminaires very quickly without interrupting the energy, with the advantage of being able to make inputs and outputs on the same connector thanks to the dual port feature for each pole on the connectors.

5- Use of DALI Automation

Product solutions developed for easy and economical installation of DALI lines in automations with DALI, which is also one of the building lighting automation applications, is a separate feature of the WINSTA series.

6- Underfloor Installation Usage

8 reasons to use WINSTA

The fact that the distribution plugs can be mounted flexibly in underfloor installations brings great advantages in assembly and later use. It is possible to do this with ready-made built-in boxes, as well as to solve very reasonable figures directly with Winsta boxes and mobile sockets, and to solve them quickly and flexibly.

7- Providing Phase Change At Any Time

The output that is desired to be fed with these connectors is brought down to the desired phase on the connector and pressed down. Thus, phase change can be performed at any time.

8 reasons to use WINSTA

8- Integration with EnOcean

Another application area is the control boxes with 4 relays that enable ENOCEAN and Winsta to work integratedly and provide wireless application over the automation system. With these boxes, it is possible to perform on / off lamp control or similar applications without pulling a control cable.

8 reasons to use WINSTA


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    […] and 1800 crew cabs are equipped with pre-manufactured cables for switches and sockets using the WINSTA series. In the sections where there is no preproduction, our 221 series connectors supplied through […]

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