Most İmportant 5 BUS Technologies to Reduce Project Costs

Most İmportant 5 BUS Technologies to Reduce Project Costs

Different bus technologies can save both time and cost in your projects by integrating with conventional control systems. At this point, it aims at a complete and integrated solution by offering different bus structures under the building automation system. In addition to the building automation protocols mentioned earlier, WAGO supports other protocols, which we will define below, and produces their own master modules.


LONWORKS is defined as ISO / IEC 14908 LONWORKS ® and is the most common protocol after BACnet and KNX. It is one of the most important protocols in many engineering companies and many old buildings.

Most İmportant 5 BUS Technologies to Reduce Project Costs

KNX components can be fully integrated into the WAGO PLC. It offers the advantage of using special input and output, analog modules and special bus modules under KNX, which cannot be found in standard KNX products. Furthermore, it ensures the control and monitoring of KNX products within BACnet, which is the high-level control structure, that KNX – BACnet integration is one of the most important problems in the field.

SMI (Standard Motor Interface)

It is possible to apply fully integrated solutions to building automation in solar curtains with the standard motor interface (SMI) or the standard motor interface with Turkish definition. SMI is a group that produces engine interfaces, and many engine manufacturers produce motors with SMI interfaces. Not only does the motors drive the SMI different, but also very precise positioning, position tracking and functionality that gives the user many advantages, just like a stepper motor, are added to the system.


DMX is a digital control and staging protocol developed for lighting. It is mainly used with LED technology. Its most important advantage is performing different scenes at high speed and integrated into building automation with RGB coloring.

Most İmportant 5 BUS Technologies to Reduce Project Costs

WAGO lighting automation system has the flexibility and wide range of products to provide solutions for all complex 1-10V analog, DALI, DMX and general dimming systems from on / off control of a single lamp.


It is a BUS structure used in MP-Bus HVAC systems, and it stands out by replacing the complex wiring in air handling units with a bus cable. Both valves and related sensors communicate via the MP-bus.

Most İmportant 5 BUS Technologies to Reduce Project Costs

By integrating many input / output terminals, analog terminals, special sub BUSs, KNX / EIB, MP-Bus and DALI with WAGO BACnet controllers, it is possible to easily solve an extremely complex structure and encounter no integration problems.


M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is an economical meter reading system. When using a WAGO controller as a master, counters act as slaves and connection to 250 meters or slave devices is provided. As meter types, calorimeter, water, electricity and gas meters can be used.

Most İmportant 5 BUS Technologies to Reduce Project Costs


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