What Features Should a Good Power Supply Have?

What Features Should a Good Power Supply Have?

Many people do not care about power supplies in board designs or can turn to the cheapest product. However, the main source of the biggest failures in the panels is the use of poor quality Power Supply. What are the features that should be in a quality Power Supply?

1.Wide Voltage Range

The input voltage range of a good power supply must be very wide. tensions in Turkey are very fluctuating, it seems to be the night’s 250V AC 220V AC level. Single-phase power supplies in the WAGO product range can operate in the 85V AC… .264 V AC input voltage range. This value is presented to our customers in three power supplies in the 340V AC… ..550V AC input range. This is the first priority to be considered. Many Chinese or Taiwanese far east power supplies do not meet this criterion. WAGO has adopted the principle of offering the best to its customers with German quality production.

2.Working Frequency

The operating frequency range is 44 Hz… 66 Hz. This means that the machines you make with WAGO Power Supply can work both in Europe and in the USA. Many power supplies produced especially in the far east cannot provide this to you. WAGO power supplies meet the fluctuations in the input voltage for 20 ms (means 2 alternans for 50 Hz.). It does this by using large capacitors that affect the cost. At the same time, a 3-phase Power Supply should work even when one of the phases is gone, so WAGO 3-phase power supplies easily meet it. Because the components of the rectifier circuit at the input are selected larger than normal and resists the withdrawal of excess current.

3.Top Boost Feature

What is this feature required for? There may be more than one load on the Power Supply output. When you think about what loads are connected to the Power Supply in a conventional automation panel, PLCs, lamps, valves, buttons, valves, motors, contactors, etc. are included. you will see. You have to distribute these loads to independent fuses. Fuses to be used will be B or C characteristic fuses. Considering that the rated current of type B or C fuses is 6 A, it takes a very long time for the fuse to blow in case of short circuit because it is thermal magnetic characteristic. In case of using a Power Supply with TOP BOOST feature, the Power Supply will rapidly increase the fuse with 10 times peak current pulses in case of a short circuit. Due to the short circuit, the system is prevented from collapsing and the source of the fault is easily found from the blown fuse. This feature is a very special WAGO technology. TOP BOOST current is 60 A (25 ms) in a 10 A Power Supply and will blow this fuse instantly. Short circuit protection at the output already exists in many switch mode devices, but this should not be confused with fuse blown technology. TOP BOOST feature has already been added to this protection in WAGO Power Supply.

What Features Should a Good Power Supply Have?

The TOP BOOST current is 60 A (25 ms) in a Power Supply of 10 A, and this will blow the fuse instantly.

4.Output Voltage

The second important criterion is stability in the output voltage. WAGO power supplies offer the customer the most stable voltage in this regard. Output voltage fluctuation is below 70 mV. It distributes a very clean DC voltage at the output to the devices in the panel. Another important issue is that the output voltage can be adjusted. In WAGO power supplies, while the output voltage nominal value is 24V DC, it can be adjusted in the range of 22 V DC… 29.5V DC. You will have to go above the battery voltage, especially when you want to use the
Power Supply in battery charging mode. A Power Supply whose output voltage cannot be adjusted will not work for you. Or you may need to increase or decrease the voltage depending on the load condition.

5. Output Power and Current

The output current should be able to increase up to 2 times the nominal current when necessary. The WAGO Pro series 10 A Power Supply can output 20 A output current, for example, for 4 s. We call it POWER BOOST feature. POWER BOOST feature may be required to meet the very high currents momentarily if the valve, relay, contactor, inductive loads at the output of the Power Supply are activated. Many Far Eastern or European based Power Supply do not have this feature. Please request this at the time of purchase. Otherwise, you can get 20 A instead of a power source that you can solve with 10 A; this is one of the most common situations.


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