Microsoft Azure Certified WAGO IoT Controllers

Microsoft Azure Certified WAGO IoT Controllers

WAGO’s PFC 100 and PFC 200 series IoT controllers are Microsoft Azure Certified. This certification ensures that your system will run optimized on the Azure Cloud service, and your IoT projects can be integrated easily and securely into the system.

Microsoft Azure Certified WAGO IoT Controllers

With WAGO Cloud Data Control and PFC 100/200 controllers, we offer solutions that can connect the elements of real and digital worlds. WAGO Cloud Data Control allows you to monitor-control all your WAGO controllers, their applications and data. MQTT communication protocol provides effective and reliable connection with TLS encryption. Microsoft Azure; It has high expandability in terms of processing capacity, data storage, availability and security standards. Having many services and tools of the system provides the appropriate infrastructure for the integration of IoT applications.

The user logs into the cloud service via the Web portal; The project can access functions such as controllers, user management, controller status monitoring, alarm functions and e-mail access. Unique operational studies can be carried out by accessing text fields, tables, diagrams, viewable elements and control buttons via an interface screen. For example, a REST or OPC UA Interface can be used for special applications such as energy monitoring or predictive maintenance. Such IoT applications can be quickly and easily integrated into certified controllers or WAGO Cloud Data Control. Users are not limited to WAGO’s cloud solution. The MQTT protocol can also be used with IoT controllers to create custom solutions using Microsoft Azure.


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  1. July 8, 2020

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  2. July 28, 2020

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