Here is the Digital Future! Smart Factories with WAGO

Here is the Digital Future! Smart Factories with WAGO

Smart Factories with WAGO

The digitalization trend seems to bring some challenges to the producers that need to be resolved in the near term. WAGO has carried out precise work on these challenges, has developed solutions for the situations, and has developed additional features for the users by predicting future challenges.

A factory or facility needs several variables to be fully integrated into digitalization. These features must be treated as individual cogs of an entire system and serve each other.

We can list these concepts as follows;

Cyber Security

It is not enough to transfer the obtained data to cloud systems. It is also necessary to protect this information against manipulations. One of the most valuable is production data. Production data must be specially protected. For this reason, WAGO controllers are designed in a structure that will reject attacks with the Linux operating system and its safe design. WAGO Connectivity Portal also allows easy and secure transfer of all data over the Internet. Also this portal; It is also an ideal solution for area access, M2M, IoT and site networks.

Sensor Integration

My data measurement is basic and guides for networking processes. WAGO provides valuable data from the field with smart sensor-actuator integration. This data is used for setting the system to optimal use, monitoring and enhancements. In this regard, WAGO offers the world’s most comprehensive I/O system with more than 500 I/O modules.

Horizontal Network Applications

For Industry 4.0; Connecting the production islets under a network is as much a success factor as connecting the system and plant boundaries. Along with this, the technological trend requires a very flexible communication and control solution as the I / O System 750 and WAGO offer exactly. With more than 500 I / O modules, 60 controllers and 40 fieldbus couplers, it provides seamless communication throughout the entire value creation process.


Adaptable production processes, flexibility, efficiency and width are key. System modules must be flexible and not connected to any manufacturer to perform these processes. These areas require special automation systems. WAGO solved this problem with DIMA and received the German “Industry 4.0 Innovation Award”. DIMA MTP allows modules to be connected and disconnected within a control system – without any programming.

Cloud Connection

Cloud solutions offer tremendous potential for the industry, especially with space access and process optimization. The cloud connects the real and digital world. It also facilitates cross-communication of brands’ global communication structures. WAGO’s PFC family controllers guarantee a secure data communication when transferring data from the field to the cloud.


Order and production processes will be increasingly digitized and automated in the industries of the future. In SmartDATA, the goal is consistency and data transparency, along with reduced costs, time savings and prevention of unnecessary costs along the entire value-added chain. With its WAGO SmartDATA engineering service, it offers a solution that helps users in all processes from planning and design to testing and commissioning.


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