Factory Automation With WAGO


WAGO; With extensive I/O module options, it can be used for different potentials and signals. Apart from saving time and cost, it can also be preferred in applications requiring security, in the direct connection of sensors and actuators.


Technicial Specifications

  • Scalable performance with fieldbus independent PLCs and bus couplers for large-scale fielbus systems and industrial Ethernet standards.
  • Cost and space savings with 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 channel I/O modules
  • Functional safety according to PLe / Cat4 according to EN ISO 13849 or SIL3 EN IEC 62061.
  • Special function modules such as condition monitoring and positioning
  • Wide gateway range (CAN, IO-Link, AS-Interface and much more)
  • Current and energy measurement technology for calculating energy consumption

IIoT Ready PLC Controllers

Digital transformation of production and process systems enables managers, operators, engineers and maintenance personnel to see real-time and historical data for the entire plant. Companies are implementing the Cloud and Fog information systems to organize, distribute and manage their organization information. However, first, these advanced systems must securely collect data from the factory and remote equipment. WAGO’s PFC series controllers offer advanced features to facilitate fast and secure data collection.

Built-in VPN

The PFC controller family offers users two different technologies to communicate via Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Users can choose from IPSEC or encryption-enabled VPN standards to secure data and authenticate.

Security Protocols

The PFC100 and PFC200 series support many secure network protocols for added security. The web server embedded in the device uses secure HTTPS. Besides, PFC series; it uses FTP for secure file transfer and SSH for secure communication.

Integrated Firewall

WAGO PFC100 and PFC200 controllers are IIoT Ready devices. These advanced devices have a built-in firewall to help protect your systems from unauthorized access. The Web Base Management (WBM) tool of controllers makes it easy to set up and manage trust network traffic.


IIoT Controllers

WAGO PFC100 controllers, activated with MQTT, can act as Edge devices, transfer data from the field level to the cloud and transfer them so they can be used for analysis. This creates real added value for your company to increase efficiency for facility floor production, energy management or product tracking. Take advantage of WAGO’s performance class controllers for your new system designs or integrate it into your existing system to drive your digital transformation forward and increase your cost efficiency.


Technicial Specifications

  • Distributed data collection and visualization regardless of location
  • Connecting to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or IBM Bluemix using a standardized MQTT protocol
  • High level of security thanks to TLS encryption
  • Direct connection to the cloud from the field
  • Expansion of existing systems as an IIoT gateway with PFC.

WAGO digitalTAP ™

WAGO has placed the MTConnect adapter and agent in our industrial I/O system. In this way, users can connect sensors, armatures and operator buttons from our old machines to our I/O system, which converts data into a standardized digital format according to the MTConnect Standard.


WAGO’s digitalTAP ™ product uses our affordable PFC100 controller, which provides a wide range of features and benefits to your digital transformation project.


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