EPSITRON® Single Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers

Superior Security – Superior Speed

WAGO’s new EPSITRON® Series Single Channel ECBs, the slimmest devices in the market, protect consumers from high currents and short circuits, despite being only 6mm wide. ECBs offer a wide range of applications with 1/2/4/6 and 8A models at 24 VDC.

The new EPSITRON® Electronic Circuit Breakers are ideal for secondary side fuses with long cables or small cable cross sections where small circuit breakers and melting fuses cannot be triggered. Secondary melting triggers a cost-effective basic network device, triggering it even in the case of low overcurrent in accordance with EN 60204 conditions. Triggering takes place only 4ms after a hard short circuit. This performance ensures that the system runs smoothly, even under high loads. WAGO’s ECBs do not require additional measures by enabling high capacity loads of over 50,000 microfarads to be opened. It is also unnecessary to change the rated current. This process helps to reduce the number of false trips caused by sudden currents.

Versatile and Reliable

Electronic Circuit Breakers; Thanks to its digital input, it can be used as an electronic relay in the module that allows resetting and on / off transitions with a direct or remote digital input signal. In mechanical engineering and system applications, electronic circuit breakers are widely used to reliably shut down a ground fault in the control circuit as specified in EN 60204. ECBs are generally preferred over melting fuses to protect the equipment. High accuracy, plus ECBs can be used reliably and flexibly even under extreme conditions (-25 ° C to + 70 ° C).

Compact and Modular

The new ECBs of WAGO are modular. While JUMPFLEX® provides simple input voltage connection to 857 and 2857 series units, it combines direct input voltage with minimum input. Signal inputs and outputs can also be combined as collective signals using bridges. In addition,

In addition; the fact that these new modules are only 6mm wide made it the thinnest ECBs available now. It is 66% smaller than miniature circuit breakers, which saves more space, especially when used in switch cabinets.


EPSITRON® Single Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers

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