Energy Management And Smart Grid

The main purpose of the power generation and distribution industry is to make sure a safe power supply is provided. WAGO offers a wide product portfolio and a wide range of application possibilities. As an example of usage areas; substation automation, renewable energy sources, energy monitoring and control etc. mentioned.

Energy Management And Smart Grid

Technicial Specifications

  • Scalable controllers and RTUs
  • SmartGrid communication for IEC 60870, 61850, 61400-25 and DNP3
  • Current and energy measurement technology for wide network analysis
  • Gateway function with interfaces for all common fieldbus systems
  • 750 XTR series for harsh environments

SmartGrid Communication

With increasing energy demands and expanding renewable energy sources, monitoring of networks has become more important than ever for public service providers. WAGO to support these applications; It offers programmable controllers and I/O modules for data acquisition and communication with high-level control systems via SmartGrid protocols such as IEC 60870, 61850, 61400 and DNP3. Protocol integration with pre-built software is quick and easy to configure communication between devices.

  • Measure machine and system energy consumption values
  • Identify and process relevant 3-phase variables
  • Comprehensive network analysis
  • Connection to WAGO I/O SYSTEM: fieldbus independent, compact and flexible
Energy Management And Smart Grid

Power and Energy Management

The WAGO I/O system offers flexible and economical solutions for your energy management applications. Place a3 phase power measurement module in the WAGO I/O system to detect and process all relevant variables in a 3 phase supply network. This family of modules enables operators to perform a comprehensive network analysis as well as provide more information on energy consumption by a particular machine or the entire system.

Energy Management And Smart Grid
  • Technicial Specifications:
  • Graphical representation of bus nodes
  • Clear display of all measured values
  • Wide power measurement module settings
  • Integrated diagnostic indicator
  • Graphic 4-frame presentation
  • Configure and visualize with WAGO I/O CHECK or controller and function blocks


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