BACnet and Building Automation

BACnet and Building Automation

BACnet and Building Automation

BACnet and Building Automation

BACnet and Building Automation

Our wide portfolio; Provides flexible solutions with standard industry-specific fieldbus protocols and device protocols for lighting, blind spot control, HVAC and more.

Technicial Specifications

Fully integrated building automation with BACnet / IP, BACnet MS / TP, KNX IP and Modbus TCP
Fast and efficient solutions for all building systems thanks to freely programmable controllers and application-specific function blocks
Continuous networking and remote access using web-based technologies
Wide building automation interfaces (e.g., KNX, LON®, DALI, EnOcean, SMI, MP-Bus and more)

BACnet and Building Automation

Building Automation

WAGO’s comprehensive fieldbus controllers support numerous communication protocols. Configuration, programming and visualization are extremely easy and effective.

BACnet Controllers

For BACnet communication, WAGO offers two different controller options equipped with BACnet / IP (ETHERNET) or BACnet MS / TP (RS-485) interfaces. Both high-performance controllers support the BACnet Builder Controller (B-BC) profile and are freely programmable. Controllers can be easily commissioned with WAGO’s user-friendly BACnet Configurator.

ETHERNET Controllers

WAGO offers a wide range of ETHERNET controllers in different performance classes and various interface combinations. ETHERNET fieldbus controllers support Modbus TCP. A wide variety of standard ETHERNET protocols are also supported for easy integration into IT environments (eg HTTP, BootP, DHCP, DNS, SNTP, SNMP FTP).

BACnet and Building Automation


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