Why important To Use PFC 100 In Your Automation Projects?

The new member of the PFC family, the PFC 100 has a very fast CPU as well as high data and program memory. We have compiled the PFC 100 for you, which provides a perfect Ethernet platform with Codesys 3 based, Linux operating system, 32 GB SD card slot and multi-interface support, for your projects.

Why important To Use PFC 100 In Your Automation Projects?

1- Modern, Economic, Efficient Application Opportunity

The software environment developed by PFC 100 WAGO works seamlessly with e-Cockpit. Thus, hardware and software settings, simulation and visualization are made easily. Codesys-3 supported PFC 100 user-friendly interface minimizes software development and communication time with devices. Again, thanks to numerous libraries and preset functions, significant time savings are achieved. PFC 100 also supports ModbusTCP and Client / Server TCP-UDP protocols.

2- Advanced Hardware

Hardware for PLCs is a must for flawless performance. The PFC 100 has 2 ethernet interfaces, RS232-RS485, and DIP Switch. In addition, ethernet ports can be used as an ethernet switch to create line topology. While each port can be configured separately, it can be used in PFC 100 as 2 separate networks if needed. With the added micro sd card slot, using high memory files becomes much easier.

3- Compact Compact Space Design

Despite its high specifications, the PFC 100 is designed to cover a minimum of space on your boards. Compact design, one of the most important features of WAGO automation systems, is compact and valid in PFC 100. On the other hand, the PFC 100 includes many functions within its body. For example, the PFC 100 HTML 5 has its own webserver for visualization, thereby reducing additional cost.

Why important To Use PFC 100 In Your Automation Projects?

Despite its compact size, the PFC 100 offers top performance.

4- Ideal for Long Term Investments

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the PFC 100 can be easily used independently of the person for long-term use. Thanks to easy wiring and easy interchangeability between IO components, installation can be made in a short time without error. Thanks to various controllers and interfaces in the PFC series, the needs that may arise over time are easily met. Thanks to over 400 IOs supported, a high level of flexibility and functionality is provided.

5- High IT Security Through SSL Encryption

Protecting your data from hackers or shutting it down to unwanted people is very important for system security. Today, industrial facilities are becoming more and more the target of cyber attacks. The PFC series includes SSL / TLS, SSH, VPN, and firewall protection technologies.

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